Dichotomous Keys

  1. Dichotomous Keys

Dichotomous Keys

  1. Plant Identification– Choose an ecosystem and then follow the instructions to identify drawings of different species. http://trashfreepotomac.org/btw/plantid/habitats.shtml
  2. Invertebrate Keyhttp://www.ento.csiro.au/education/key/couplet_01.html
  3. Dichotomous Key to Wooded Wetlands in Mainehttp://www.maine.gov/doc/nrimc/mnap/features/woodedwetkey.htm
  4. Interactive Invasive Plant Key, Mainehttp://www.mainevolunteerlakemonitors.org/mciap/herbarium/PlantIDKey.php
  5. Technical Key to Species of Mammals in Kansas- This one has tough vocabulary but is there for those wanting a challenge. http://www.ksr.ku.edu/libres/mammals_of_kansas/specieskey.html

Creating Your Own Dichotomous Key

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