The Kingdoms of Life

We will be spending the next few days learning about characteristics of the main kingdoms of life (Animal, Plant, Fungi, Protist, and Monera) and why organisms are placed in those kingdoms.

You will have two main assignments to get started on.

Assignment 1: Due Tuesday, December 13th

  • Complete the worksheet, TRANSPARENCY 13, LIFE’S FIVE KINGDOMS, questions #1-6, using the chart with the same title and the main characteristics of those kingdoms.

Assignment #2: Kingdom Vocabulary Pages, due Wednesday, December 14th

  • Use the following handouts: TRANSPARENCY 13, LIFE’S FIVE KINGDOMS chart, Lesson 4, How Organisms are Classified, and Comparing Cells, as well as the web links listed below to complete a vocabulary half page for each of the five kingdoms.
  • Note: These vocabulary pages have been customized for this assignment. 1.) Instead of writing a vocabulary word, you will write down the name of the kingdom. 2.) Where you usually write the definition you will be writing AT LEAST three characteristic of that kingdom. 3.) Examples are specific species that are categorized in each of those kingdoms. 4.) The sentence and/or drawing is about that kingdom.
  • BE DETAILED, NEAT, AND SPELL CORRECTLY. Sentence structure and grammar count!

Additional Resources:

  1. Six Kingdoms of Life Outline
  2. Good OutlineKingdoms of Living Things in the Linnaean Classification System
  3. The Six Kingdoms
  4. Classification by Kingdoms
  5. GOOD EXAMPLES: Classification of Living Things- Good page. Read down and click on links to go to more information about each kingdom.
  6. GOOD EXAMPLES: The Five Kingdoms of Life: Click on the names of the kingdoms to go to more information.
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