Classification of Organisms


  1. Answering the Question: What are classification, taxonomy, phylogeny, systematics, and cladistics?
  2. GF Awesome’s: Why Do We Classify Organisms?
  3. Classifying Critters-


Classification and Taxonomy Resources

  1. GREAT SITE- Taxonomy and Classification– A great site that gives information on a variety of topics relating to taxonomy.
  2. Taxonomy- Good explanation of the taxonomic levels with examples-
  3. Rules of Taxonomy
  4. The Virtual Museum of Taxonomy-
  5. Classification of Life- Simple explanation-
  6. Fact Monster: Scientific Classification-
  7. Biological Diversity and Classification- Great Site-
  8. GREAT SITE: Biological Classification- Good info on various was of classifying organisms-
  9. Taxonomic Classification-
  10. Taxonomy: Naming and Classifying Organisms-
  11. Classification of Living Things-
  12. The History of Scientific Classification-
  13. Classification of Organisms History Outline-
  14. Organismal Classification: An explanation-
  15. Biological Classification-
  16. Taxonomic Classifications and Phylogenetic Trees-
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