Tuesday, October 18th

Today I am out due to a very sick child. The following is your assignment. Make sure you get it done.

1. Answer the questions on Habitat and Niche using the book, Relationships of Living Things on the tan worksheet. Do this first because you can’t take the book out of the room.

2. D0 the worksheet called, Putting It All Together.  THERE IS A FRONT AND A BACK!

  • This is the one with the chart on it.
  • When you do this worksheet, picture a Maine forest as the setting.
  • Use this website to help you get the answers: http://www.fi.edu/tfi/units/life/habitat/habitat.html.  Most of the answers are in a word bank on the top of this worksheet. There are four boxes on the right hand side where you need to come up with examples of your own.
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