Friday, October 14th

  • Today you will be doing the following in class. Be sure to focus on what needs to be done. Anything not finished in class will be considered homework and will be due on Monday, October 17th.

Populations, the Bill Nye movie.

  1. Watch with the class.
  2. Fill out the information sheet as you watch the movie. You may work with other people to complete this.
  3. Pass in the sheet to your core’s “slot” when you are done.
  4. If you miss the movie for some reason it can be viewed at this link:

Vocabulary Pages– Finish your vocabulary pages for populations, community, ecosystems and do a new one for habitat.

If you haven’t watched the Ecology Introduction movie with the foxes OR if you need a review, get a pair of headphones and go to this link:

Populations-A group of organisms of the same kind living in the same area.

Community– All living things in a certain area.

  • Examples-examples for this are a little hard. Because a community is all of the living things in a certain area, an example might be “The living things in a forest.” You are naming the habitat AND saying that the community is the LIVING organisms in it.
  • The picture below is a community of organisms that live in the soil.

Ecosystem– A complete community of living organisms and the nonliving materials of their surroundings.

Habitat– The place or environment where a plant or animal naturally or normally lives and grows.

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