Sound Waves Introduction

Longitudinal Wave

We’ve been learning about longitudinal and transverse waves and now it is time to focus on one type of longitudinal wave: SOUND WAVES.

Today you will receive a CONCEPT MAP on sound (legal paper size) where there are empty spaces in some of the boxes. It will be your job to fill in these spaces correctly after visiting three lesson modules on sound AND the two websites located below. You may work together but PLEASE wear headphones as these modules are VERY noisy!

These two websites that will also be helpful in filling in the information:

  1. Sound (from the Worsely School)
  2. Sound Energy


  1. away
  2. amplitude
  3. decibels
  4. decrease
  5. energy
  6. expansions
  7. forth
  8. frequency
  9. Hertz
  10. increase
  11. longitudinal
  12. loud
  13. medium- used 2x
  14. quiet


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