Royalty Free Images

You must find images that are copyright free for your websites AND you must cite where you got those images and, if possible, who took them. This is very important and creating a credible website!

Go to these sites to find images for your web pages.

  1. Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health
  2. US Federal Government Public Domain ImagesMost images on U.S. Federal Government web pages are in the “public domain” (which means they have no copyright restrictions). If an image is not restricted and does not say it is copyrighted, then it is probable that it is in the public domain. In some instances, especially with printed publications, the right to use copyrighted photographs or images may have been purchased specifically for that publication. (This note applies to images associated with the links on this page.)
    1. USGS
    2. National Park Service
    3. Natural Resources Conservation Service-
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