Properties of Waves


  1. Waves- Excellent website-
  2. Transverse Waves-
  3. Longitudinal Waves
  4. Observe animations of earthquake waves. P waves, also called compressional waves or primary waves, move through material by squeezing and stretching the material in the same direction as the wave is moving. S waves, also called shear waves or secondary waves, move materials at right angles to the wave direction.
  5. Reflection Waves with Boundaries
  6. Transverse and Longitudinal
  7. Longitudinal Wave Simulation-Change the frequency and amplitude to and see the results.
  8. Transverse Waves Simulation– Two fun applets that allow you to play with different aspects of waves.

Waves– An excellent overview with sections on the following that include helpful animations and applets.

For Your Curiosity

Types of Waves

Seismic Waves– Good information with interactive tools.

Waves Traveling in Opposite Directions

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