Some Websites to Explore

Below are some websites to explore once you finish your quiz. You may go to these…but no where else!!!

Review Games

Classification and Taxonomy Resources

  1. GREAT SITE- Taxonomy and Classification– A great site that gives information on a variety of topics relating to taxonomy.
  2. Taxonomy- Good explanation of the taxonomic levels with examples-
  3. Rules of Taxonomy-
  4. The Virtual Museum of Taxonomy-
  5. Classification of Life- Simple explanation-
  6. Fact Monster: Scientific Classification-
  7. Biological Diversity and Classification- Great Site-
  8. GREAT SITE: Biological Classification- Good info on various was of classifying organisms-
  9. Taxonomic Classification-
  10. Taxonomy: Naming and Classifying Organisms-
  11. Classification of Living Things-
  12. The History of Scientific Classification-
  13. Classification of Organisms History Outline-
  14. Organismal Classification: An explanation-
  15. Biological Classification-
  16. Taxonomic Classifications and Phylogenetic Trees-

Kindoms of Living Organisms

  1. The Microbe Zoo-
  2. PINK MONKEY- Biology study guide. This links to the monera page but look to the top right for more links to protista, plantae, and fungi.
  3. Good Outline– Kingdoms of Living Things in the Linnaean Classification System-
  4. Organisms- Read through for a good summary on each kingdom. 6 kingdoms of organisms&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=22&gl=us&client=firefox-a
  5. Six Kingdoms of Life-
  6. Three Domains and Six Kingdoms- Outline and overview. Very clear.
  7. The Six Kingdoms-
  8. Classification by Kingdoms-
  9. The Kingdoms– Super overview-
  10. Taxonomy on the Web– A page with links to information on the kingdoms of living organisms-
  11. Classification of Living Organisms Outline- All phylums and subphylums of each of the kingdoms are listed.
  12. GOOD EXAMPLES: Classification of Living Things- Good page. Read down and click on links to go to more information about each kingdom.
  13. GOOD EXAMPLES: Five Kingdoms of Life-
  14. The Five Kingdoms of Life- images and descriptions-
  15. GOOD EXAMPLES: The Five Kingdoms of Life- Overview-
  16. GOOD EXAMPLES: The Five Kingdoms of Life: Click on the names of the kingdoms to go to more information.
  17. Kingdom to Subphylum-
  18. Kingdoms of Living Things: The Top 4 Groups-
  19. Introducing the Five Kingdoms-
  20. Five Kingdoms of Life Outline-
  21. Six Kingdoms of Life Outline-
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