Bat Crash- Bats are Crucial to Ecosystems

As we investigate, What makes a healthy ecosystem?, we will be looking at the article, Crash, from National Geographic. Author David Quammen takes a look at how bats are crucial ecosystems and the fungus that has become their enemy.

Answer in your observation journal and then, if you want, post your answers here. Be descriptive with at least three complete sentences. Begin your answer with part of the question so the reader knows what you are talking about.

  • Why should we care about the fungus that is spreading to bat populations?
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7 Responses to Bat Crash- Bats are Crucial to Ecosystems

  1. Yacob says:

    We should care about the fungus that is spreading to and infecting the bats because bats eat bugs. The bats help keep the bug population down. So theoretically bugs could take over if the bat population went down. Without bats some plants may not get pollenated and then possibly die. If the number of pollinators went down many fruits could possibly die and not be there for many animals. We don’t know exactly what things it will disturb but bats are a part of our ecosystem and without them the food chain could fail thus causing the whole ecosystem to fail.

  2. Willson M. says:

    I think we should care about the white nose fungus because if we don’t, things could get very out of hand. First of all, the bug population is already ascending like a kangaroo on a trampoline! Since the fungus was introduced, we have gained seven tons of bugs. That is a lot. Another reason we should care is that bats are a large species of pollinators. If we lose all the bats, what’s going to happen to all the plants? Nobody knows. Also, unlike most mammals, bats carry seeds. It would be a very sad and bad loss if most if not all the bats died because of us not caring.

  3. RachelB. says:

    I think we should care about the fungus that is spreading to bat poulations for many reasons. One is that fly populations are going out of control! If we had more bats, the flies wouldn’t over-populate because bats keep them under control by eating them. Bats also spread seeds and pollinate. The world would be pretty out of control because we could possibly start to lose livivng organisms because of all the important niches bats do! Since white-nose syndrome, over 1 million bats have died! Also, we have gained tons of flies. Most bats are dying because the disease has woken them up during hibernation and causing them to use up their fat they stored for the winter and freezing to death. Without our bats, the world would be very different.

  4. Perrin Davidson says:

    I think that we should care about the fungus that is killing bats populations beacause batgs eat bugs, if the bats die , then the bugs would eat us!!!!!!!!!!!!So imagine you had an army , you go into battle and kill the enemys army. But along with winning you also lost some men along the way.So you get back and relize that the enamy has poisoned you food ! So some of your men die… LOTS of you men die. So you think to yourself, you know …. we really crushed the enamy last time,….we can do it again! So you march into battle and are completely smushed by the enamy .So now pretend that the enamy is the fungus and the army is the bats. The country is unprotected and surrenders to the enamy. And now imagine that the country is us, humans! So basiclly is the bats die then the bugs would take over the world!Bats also help polinate, so some plants might not sprout, then there would be no fruit for the animals that are dependant on the fruit for survival. So if the bats die off then the food chain would die along with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tyler.l says:

    We shoud care about the fungus because without bats we would not have fruit. Also, there has been and will be an increase in the insect population. Bats are crucial to ecosystems because they play a very important role in our environment.

  6. Chandler C says:

    We should care about the bats because their getting infected with white nose fungus which is a harmful disease and is getting attracted to bats which are helpful for pollinating flowers and eating insects. If the bat population goes down then the flowers will die and no more plants.

  7. Noah Brown says:

    I think we should care about the fungus that’s spreading to bat population because bats are a vital part of the food chain. Bats are key because to keep bug population down, you need bats. Of course, they are not the only thing eating bugs, but the population would grow and grow slowly. But still slow and steady wins the race. Also bats pollinate which is vital to the plant health of that area. This would affect all animals in some way. This is all hypothetical of course, but this could escalate into a big problem so we should definitely care and do something about this.

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