Today’s Directions and Tweaking Vocab Pages: Friday, October 22


  • CORES 1 and 2: Start with Step 1 (see below) and move through the directions as listed.
  • CORES 3, 4, and 5 will watch the Bill Nye Populations movie and then do at least Step 1. If you have more time, you can continue with Step 2 and then Step 3.

Step 1- “Tweak” your vocabulary words. (The directions and links to examples are below.) Check them over carefully and make sure you’ve done the best job possible.


Step 2– Start trying to answer the question:

  • What are the characteristics of a healthy ecosystem? by using the resources on my website and by searching on the Internet.
  • Copy and paste any information you find into a word processing document AND the web address where you found that information!
  • You can go to our Ecology Resource page and look for the category: What makes a healthy ecosystem? for links to resources, too.

Step 3: You may explore the resources and interactive games on my website (and ONLY on my website) for the last 15 minutes of class.



Everyone has four vocabulary pages due today: ecosystem, biosphere, biodiversity, and species. You’ve all had almost the entire week to get them done but only a few people have asked for any help at all. Hmmmm….

This blog post is to help you do some final “tweaking” of your pages to make sure you are getting the right idea of what the words mean. Suggestions and example downloads are available for the following:

  • Ecosystems- You each have an example in the vocabulary section of your science notebook. You must come up with your own connections, characteristics and examples. Mine are to get you thinking about the possibilities.
  • Biosphere click on the heading “Biosphere” to download this example. You can use the same examples I use on this example sheet because this word can be a bit difficult. Download the Ecology-The Big Picture presentation for more. This presentation is also good for species ideas.
  • Species– click on the heading “Species” to download this example. You can download the Ecology-The Big Picture presentation for ideas.
    • For characteristics, Instead of listing general characteristics, pick a specific organism and list three or four characteristics of that organism. You could look it up online with a search for “ characteristics of __________” and put your species where the line is.
    • For examples– list specific species. Look up some online, if you need to. For example, do a search on “species of bears, spiders, flowering plants, invasive plants and animals, birds, insects….”.
  • Biodiversity– click on the heading “Biodiversity” to download this example.
    • For characteristics– Download the Biodiversity Presentation and look on pages 12,13, and 17, for characteristics.
    • For examples, do a Google search on “biodiversity examples” for some ideas. Look on my web page under the ecology links, Biodiversity section for some other ideas and resources.
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